A pioneer in providing services

Iranian Parham Carton Company has taken an effective step in the country's packaging industry in the field of producing and manufacturing all kinds of cartons in different shapes and sizes in printed and laminated form and has been able to provide strength and the highest quality in all industries such as food, medicine, construction, etc. Provide service

One of the distinctive features of Parham Carton is the high speed of order delivery. Due to the modern machinery, the carton production process is realized in the shortest time. In this collection, it is able to produce a large number of printed and laminated cartons with the highest quality.​​​​​​​

Advanced service​​​​​​​

All carton production processes benefit from the automation system and the quality of the products is frequently controlled and checked, which is important because of the up-to-date machines and devices required in the production line, which makes it possible to produce high-volume cartons in It takes the least amount of time

​​​Automatic system


Head office of Isfahan - Mobarakeh Three-way Industrial Estate - Phase 1 - Corner of 10th Street - No. 6