Carton industry:

It is an industry by which cardboard sheets are first produced from paper rolls, then the cardboard sheets are designed and made in the form of a box in order to protect the product in a suitable form and in accordance with the same product, and finally according to the taste of the market and the direction of introduction. The product, beauty and advertising applications are printed and colored in different ways.

Definition of carton in the carton industry:

Cardboard is a type of cellulose product that is usually made by joining 3 or 5 sheets of paper. Cardboard is one of the most common methods for packaging goods.

Types of cartons in the carton industry:
There are different types of products produced in the carton industry, which are generally divided into two categories:
1- Normal carton: In the carton industry, this type of carton is referred to as the cartons that are produced with a machine for cutting and slitting and usually have a tolerance of more than 2 mm.
2- Diecut or modeled cartons: Diecut cartons are produced by bladed molds and have no dimension tolerance. The use of diecut cartons in the carton industry includes the following:
Perforated carton: includes fruit cartons and cartons of seafood and dairy products. (Dairy cartons are also called refrigerated cartons in the carton industry)
Telescopic carton: including banana carton
Carton with handle: including metal parts carton
One-door carton: including product display cartons
Carton without lid: including gas stove, refrigerator and home appliance cartons

The advantages of using carton products for product packaging: Cardboard packaging has advantages that can be examined from different perspectives:
1. Economic advantages of cartoning products
Cheap packaging due to the low price of raw materials
Low cost of transportation and storage due to light weight and light structure
The possibility of modifying and changing the packaging structure and graphics at the lowest cost due to the technologies of the carton industry
2. Structural advantages of cartoning products
Proper resistance to pressure, tearing, and impact while being light, if you use the right paper and the right additives
The possibility of air conditioning in cartons by creating special holes
Flexibility and the ability to form different geometric shapes
Insulation against temperature drop and rise
Can be used for packaging most products
Ability to print and attractive design and use in advertising​​​​​​​


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